Education & training: consultant electr mobility
Module 9: system integration renewable energies
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Visualising and consulting tool 2.6
Last update: 17.08.2023

Collection of visualising & consulting tools

Generat. & load prof, analys.
Service life of batteries
Visualization of complex energy flows from renewable energies including electromobility. Estimat. of expected serv. life of electricity storage systems based on the frequency of cycles
Monitoring and data access
Determ. of optimal power storage size
Live monitoring of collected renewable energies at the EBZ e.V. with access to data collection. Dimensioning electr. storage systs based on avail. renew. energ., self-suffic.rate & share of self-consumpt.
Load profile simulation
Virtual classroom
Simulation of load profiles thru the accumulation of various consumers. Access & selection of web seminars.
Software for comprehensible illustration on effective use of renewable energies including electric mobility
Work in cloud, location EBZ Dresden
Leg. not.   Data prot.
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